Glen Sherman worked as an adult probation/parole officer in the Bucks County Adult Probation/Parole Department for 37 years. “I got involved in public service because I wanted to serve society and help people. My goal as a probation/parole officer was to empower people to make better choices and decisions so that they wouldn’t get into trouble again. That helped people live better lives and saved the state and county so much money that would be wasted in paying for incarceration. Eighty-five percent of the time, drug and alcohol issues were a main problem. So it was critical to get people treatment to deal with those problems.”

“I just retired in September. One of the many former offenders that I had supervised 15 years ago would send me a Christmas Card at the office every year telling how was doing . When I first met him he was convicted for alcohol related offenses, withdrawn, angry and non-communicative. But he turned things around. No further criminal activity since, still sober and a successful single parent.”

Because of irresponsible budgeting, funding for people like Glen in communities across the state is harder to come by.

“We could do so much more with better human service funding. In my last years cuts to Human services funding made it harder to get people the help they needed and the waiting list for treatment was so long. Doesn’t it make more sense to pay a few hundred dollars for treatment or to pay to keep people in the county jail or state prison?”

“I live in the community in which I worked and was always happy to give more of myself to serve it. That’s why I want to see people in my position have the resources to do the job we need.”


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