June 29 PA Budget Call-In Day

With only days left to pass a balanced budget by the June 30th deadline, your state senator and representative will be under pressure to accept cuts to education, environmental protection, and essential services to our most vulnerable neighbors and family members.

Take action with people across the state between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm on Thursday, June 29th, by calling your state senator and representative and telling them to only support a budget that raises the revenue needed to make critical investments in Pennsylvania’s future.

The main message?

  • We need to invest more in PA communities. The House Republican budget cuts Medicaid, child care, pre-K education, county assistance offices, substance abuse treatment, and environmental protection.
  • Legislators need to find revenue necessary to fund public investments in a budget balanced without gimmicks.
  • Legislators should generate new revenue in three ways: 1) a severance tax on natural gas; 2) closing corporate tax loopholes, and 3) passing the Fair Share Tax that would cut taxes on working Pennsylvanians and raise revenue from wealthier Pennsylvanians through things like capital gains and dividends.

Get full talking points for your call below:

Click above to download the talking points document












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