We’re In This Together

Pennsylvania isn’t a state, it’s a commonwealth. That means the founders of Pennsylvania wanted to make it abundantly clear that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was created in the interest of the “common good.” The government of Pennsylvania exists to serve the interests of Pennsylvanians and the common good of our communities.

The truth is, investing in the common good of our communities takes resources.

But, if we don’t fix our broken tax system and have everyone pay their fair share, we won’t have the resources to make the investments that communities across the state need to thrive. It’s time to fight back so we can allow government to make the investments our communities need.

It’s also important to remember that “government” isn’t some abstract idea. “Government” isn’t some monster under the bed.

“Government” is your kid’s favorite teacher. “Government” is the addiction counselor that saved your cousin’s life. “Government” is the DEP inspector who makes sure the gas company is not endangering the kids at the school down the road from the well site. “Government” is the pre-K program that helped your child to enter kindergarten ahead of the curve. “Government” is the mental health association in your town that makes sure those battling mental illness in your community aren’t left out in the cold — that they have a place to call home.

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