Campaign Principles

Pennsylvania’s Choice is non-partisan campaign for a Pennsylvania budget that serves the people of our Commonwealth. We have come together as organizations and individuals because we face a stark choice in Pennsylvania today. If we don’t fix our broken tax system, and make everyone pay their fair share, we won’t have the resources to make the investments that communities across the state need to thrive. Pennsylvanians could also feel the effects of devastating cutbacks to programs and services that are critical to families every single day. Powerful interests, who aren’t paying their share, have stood in the way of real reform, and Pennsylvania Choice partners are launching a campaign to fight back.

The time to choose is now. We urge Pennsylvanians of all parties, political ideologies, and beliefs to join us today in order to raise, in as equitable and fair way as possible, the revenues we need to ensure that our children, senior, persons with disabilities and illnesses, and our natural environment are adequately served by our government.